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As an Industrial Designer, I specialize in producing exceptional designs for the contract furniture market. My work is unique, and award winning, and in many cases, continues to be in constant production. 

I have a passion for creating beautifully designed and functional furniture that encourages users to feel good.

Underlining each design is the idea that the product must last. The value it creates should be long lived and that each one is produced in an ethical way. This includes ease of disassembly so that materials can be repurposed or recycled wherever possible.

Products I have designed can be found throughout the modern office, universities, library spaces and health care environments.

I’m an independent designer, throughout my career, I have also worked extensively in-house for furniture manufacturers in design as well as in design direction, engineering, strategy and branding. 

These experiences give me a unique perspective when planning projects, ensuring that they are successful and live up to client expectations.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to help plan and design your next great product.


Mark Müller



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